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Don’t be fooled. Photography only seems to be the focus of this blog.

With the help of a camera lens, I plan to chronicle American might, creativity, and spunk – perhaps a little of our bickering, bungling and douche baggery as well. Most of the backdrop will be provided by the city of New York.

I’ll write less about camera gear and technique than I will about what I learn about street photography, being relatively new to the pursuit and to the city.

My credentials are these: I live in Manhattan. I own a Nikon D-7000. I pack a healthy amount of love for New York and snapping photos. I don’t claim to do either any better than anyone else. But I am ambitious.

In my day job I’ve been a reporter for two decades. The job has taught me a few skills that may prove useful to a novice shutter bug (I’m not afraid to talk to strangers or make an ass of myself). So, wish me luck, because I’ve already learned this: NBA player Vince Carter once spent five minutes screaming at me in a crowded locker room. Photographing a camera-shy New Yorker can be much scarier. 

–Greg Sandoval